Cerec® & Ceramic dental restoration

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Aesthetics & radiance with healthy teeth

Beautiful and healthy teeth impact our health as well as our self-esteem and our joie de vivre. So the dentist and practice, as well medical and technical equipment, are essential in the search for the right dental practice. We are your dentist in Berlin.

Since 2007, we have been using exclusively metal-free, tooth-coloured materials in our dental practice that meet the latest dental standards. They are developed in our master dental laboratory, for the most part using a computer-optimised process within our own practice by master dental technician Mr Michael Krause, and individually manufactured into ceramic dental restorations such as Cerec® inlays, veneers, ceramic crowns and bridges to meet your needs.

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Step-by-step ceramic dental restoration

The Cerec® procedure, also known as Cerec® 3D, is based on the latest CAD / CAM technology and allows you to have new ceramic fillings (= inlays), veneers, and ceramic crowns produced in a time-saving and extremely precise manner. An intraoral camera is used to scan an optical impression of the tooth to be restored, and a three-dimensional model is created on this basis. This can be displayed and edited on the monitor. Using the copy grinding process, the dental restoration designed on the computer is milled out of a special ceramic block by a grinding machine using diamond-coated grinding tools.

The restorations are then individually adapted to your tooth structure and tooth colour by me, your dentist, and the dental technician on site and permanently inserted in the same session. This means that temporary restorations or repeated anaesthesia can often be dispensed with and, thanks to the latest technological equipment and insertion methods, you start using your teeth immediately afterwards. So you can really take a bite out of things again! 

The main advantages of ceramic restorations are naturally beautiful aesthetics through personalised tooth shaping and colour design. You will no longer see any dark crown margins, and the optimum biocompatibility of pure, high-quality ceramic will not change the way your mouth and body feel. You are welcome to arrange an individual consultation with me and my practice team to achieve the goal of improved aesthetics and optimal dental care.