Veneers & Lumineers

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For a radiant smile

Veneers, lumineers, or ceramic veneers are the method of choice for discerning patients and for those who want to beautify their smile and make corrections to their teeth and minor misalignments. After a detailed consultation with me and the dental technician in my practice, thin, all-ceramic and tooth-coloured veneers can be used for various corrections or simply to aesthetically enhance your healthy teeth.

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We use veneers & lumineers

Due to their high aesthetic value, veneers are a frequently requested and desired service in my practice. Close cooperation with the dental technician and the high-quality technical equipment in our practice provide a crucial foundation for realising your wishes and aesthetic goals. Unsightly gaps between your teeth can be closed, broken teeth and defective fillings can be repaired inconspicuously, or entire rows of teeth can be whitened. As little or no healthy tooth structure needs to be removed for the veneers, they are a good choice for defects on front teeth and discoloured teeth that can only be slightly whitened using bleaching.

In the case of larger defects, when a lot of tooth substance is missing, high-quality results can be achieved with veneers or partial ceramic crowns, as these stabilise the tooth and optimise its shape and colour. The veneers, which are customised and manufactured in our own laboratory, are fitted in your mouth, and then permanently bonded to the tooth structure after any necessary corrections have been made. So, you can bite down and bite into things again. To give you the perfect smile, we will discuss the options with you using a personalised model before carrying out the treatment. I will also be happy to show you other treatment cases that I have successfully carried out together with the dental technician in my practice.