Teeth cleaning & Prophylaxis

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Prophylaxis & dental hygiene with Ms Memmert

Teeth are extremely important for our personal well-being, appearance, and health. The foundation for healthy teeth begins with everyday oral hygiene at home. But brushing your teeth, whether with a “normal” toothbrush or an electric toothbrush, is not enough to take optimum care of your teeth and gums. 

Numerous interdental spaces form ideal niches for food debris and bacteria, especially under the gums and in the gum pockets, which cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush alone. Bad breath and bleeding gums are often the first signs of gingivitis or periodontal pocket inflammation. Come and see us. We are your dentist in Berlin!

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More about dental prophylaxis with us

We offer professional teeth cleaning in our dental practice, carried out by dental hygienist Madi Memmert, who is specially trained in the field of dental prophylaxis. Professional teeth cleaning gently and thoroughly removes tartar and plaque – one of the main causes of tooth decay and periodontitis.

You will also receive oral hygiene advice tailored to your individual needs and recommendations for oral hygiene products, so you can also take excellent care of your teeth at home. In addition to advice on a healthy dental diet, we also offer paediatric check-ups and dental prophylaxis for pregnant women.

Our service for you:

  • Measurement of gum pockets (pocket screening) for early detection of periodontitis
  • Complete and gentle removal of all hard and soft deposits on the tooth and root surfaces (ultrasound, hand instruments, in some cases Airflow)
  • Polishing of teeth with selected polishing pastes
  • Sealing of exposed dental necks and sensitive areas
  • Fluoridation to strengthen enamel for the long term
  • If necessary, especially in the context of periodontal treatment, the exact bacterial spectrum can be determined using saliva and DNA tests.
  • Advice on improving your own dental and oral hygiene