For long-term fixed teeth

Personalised diagnostics, surgical experience, and the use of high-quality medical technology are the secret of successful and long-term implantation of artificial tooth roots. I have been a member of the German Society for Implantology (DGI) since 2009 and specialise in the field of dental implantation and surgery. We are your dentist in Berlin when it comes to implants.

I would be happy to explain the implantation options and procedures to you in a personal consultation:
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A beautiful smile & improved chewing

A prerequisite for successful treatment is of course not only teeth cleaning, which should be carried out prior to any dental treatment, as well as precise diagnostics using our modern digital X-ray technology, and planning and preparation. Each tooth is carefully examined, as the preservation of the patient’s own healthy tooth root naturally takes priority. But if a tooth or teeth are missing or not worth preserving, they can be replaced with an implant, which is an artificial tooth root, restoring your smile and ability to chew.

Dental implants have been used for several decades. Improved technology and the latest implantation procedures, targeted long-term monitoring, regular prophylaxis by our practice team and, of course, your co-operation in the form of good oral hygiene ensure your new tooth root will last a lifetime. The choice of implant system and the special selection of material and shape lead to optimum results, and we can dispense with bridges and removable dentures in the long term or help to improve denture retention.